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I will continue to support to Arsenal - Wenger bids farewell

It's no longer news that Arsene Wenger will step down as manager of Arsenal after 22 years in charge.

He has managed 600 games for the Gunners since joining in 1996.

The French boss manages his last home  game against Burnley on Sunday.

Below is what Wenger said:

Personally, I expect today will be dominated by sadness. It’s the end of a long story for me at Arsenal. But I will also feel grateful for having led this club - that I cherish so much - for such a long time.”
“I tried to commit completely, for so many years, to make people happy and I wish just that people who love this club will be happy in the future and get what they really want and love.”

 “I’ve met people for whom I am the only Arsenal manager they have known, so now this is a good opportunity for the club to have new people and new ideas to continue to move the club forward, which is what I’ve tried to do my whole life.”

"I’m proud that over the decades we could maintain an identification of players to the club. The players have a special attachment. Part of life as a player is to experience a special place, and that’s Arsenal.”

" I’m not involved in who my successor will be, that’s not my job, but what I would say to him is that he should follow what he thinks is right for the club. I’ve been guided by that my whole life here.”

" You have to think and act for the club like you own it. That’s the advice I’d give to him, you have to prepare to have that strength to fight every day to do the best possible for Arsenal.”

" My final message is to the fans. Thank you very much for all your support down the years. Continue to stand behind and support the club that is so special to all of us. No matter what happens in the future, keep faith in what the club is going.”

" Like you, I will continue to support Arsenal for the rest of my life.”


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