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John Legend jokes that Chrissy Teigen has been peed on by son Miles

The Lip Sync Battle co-host and her husband John Legend welcomed baby Miles into the world last month. 

According to online reports,  the only differences they've found between having a boy after daughter Luna, two, has been when it comes to changing diapers.
John said: '[The differences are] unclear so far! The diaper changing has been slightly different.'

Asked if he's been sprayed when changing the baby yet, he laughed to USA Today newspaper: 'I haven't. Chrissy has.'
Meanwhile, a week after Miles was born, the 'All of Me' hitmaker admitted his daughter viewed her brother as 'competition', which he thought could be good for Luna.
He said: 'I think she's just becoming aware that he's the competition. We'll see how that plays out, but I think it might be good because it's making her, like, she's doing more to ingratiate herself to us, which means it might be a good thing for her to have a little competition.'

The 'A Good Night' singer has admitted he's starting to 'remember' what parenting a small tot is like, as he's already getting no sleep as he tends to his son.
He added: 'I am not [sleeping,] but it's okay. I'm starting to remember how it was the first time around with Luna. It's all coming back to me, and Chrissy too. 
'This is that period in his life and our lives where you get less sleep and work a little harder. I'm trying not to work too much outside of the house because we got a lot to do at home.'

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