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Khloé Kardashian Says Rob Kardashian Is Like Their Late Father In 'So Many Ways'!

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Khloé Kardashian took to her website ahead of Father's Day weekend to honor brother Rob Kardashian for being such a good father to his baby girl Dream Kardashian.

The KUWTK star said on her website and app that she's so "so proud" of her 31-year-old brother, who she compared to their late father Robert Kardashian Sr. in "so many ways."

Like how, you ask? She explained:

"My brother Rob is like my father in so many ways — his sense of humor, silly nature, the way he loves and respects family."
What about socks?

No?? That's just little Rob's thing?

The momma of one added that their late father would be "really proud that Rob wants to implement his Armenian roots into Dream's upbringing," adding:

"My dad would do anything for his kids and my brother is the same way for Dream. I'm so proud of him!"

In fact, Koko said Rob Sr. would be proud of the entire brood for staying so close to each other:

"It would mean so much to him that all of his grandchildren are so close. It's family over everything and I love that my brother is the same way."

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