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I’m Now Too Expensive For Nollywood Producers – Jim Iyke

Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has revealed the reason why he is no longer seen in Nigerian movies.
The actor made the revelation during an interview with NET TV.

According to him, movie producers can no longer afford his fees and that is why he is no longer seen in recent films.

He said “I have not been away, it is the producers who cannot afford me. So, I know my worth.
“But I have been busy creating opportunities and jobs for Nigerian youths so that we all can live better lives.”
In response to reports that recent actors lacked creativity and talent, Iyke said, “It is wrong to say today’s artists lack productivity and talent. When the likes of Ramsey Nuoah, Emeka Ike and I were acting, that was what was said about us as well, but I did not let it bother me. We learnt on the job and we got better with time. So, I think they will also get better with time.”

On the recent killings in the country, the Nollywood lover boy said:

”It has been a terrible month, I hate June, 2018. This month has been registered in our mental archives as one of the worst months ever, this not the time to trade blames. We have one of the worst leaderships ever and it’s not a question of contest anymore, trust me, as people, we are so passive about certain things that happen to us that it just begins to look like sheer ignorance and we are not those kind of people.
“We are one of the most informed people. I do not understand how some things happen in here and this Government gets away with things or any other government for that matter. Our people literally just wake up and have a certain propensity to absorb some of the most tragic shocks and just take it with a smile and move on. We now wear it like a badge of honour to go through pain and come out with our heads up.”

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