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See the moment Subasic saved Croatian defender, Vida from falling off the bus

World Cup final losers were welcomed home 500,000 fans in Zagreb who witnessed what could have been the save of the summer

CROATIA World Cup goalkeeper Danijel Subasic pulled off the save of the summer when he caught Domagoj Vida from an embarrassing fall.

The World Cup finalists were given a heroes welcome when they arrived home in Zagreb on Tuesday.

The moment Croatia World Cup hero Domagoj Vida slips on bus rooftop

Danijel Subasic spots the danger and makes the save

After defeat to France in a thrilling final in Moscow, the 23-man Croatia squad were welcomed with open arms by approximately 500,000 fans.

The party was in full-swing when some fans look up at the bus rooftop to see star defender slip and head towards earth with a crash.

Thankfully though, goalkeeper Subasic used his quick reaction times to remarkably save the 29-year-old from falling from the vehicle.

Vida hugged his saviour, who was outstanding in goal for his country and thanked him for saving the defender from potentially a nasty injury.

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