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Why I produce massively, says Seyi Edun

Yoruba actress and producer, Seyi Edun, has revealed that the need to save ‘time, money and energy’ is the reason behind her massive movie productions.

“I always love to produce massively, say like three to four movies at the same time,” Seyi said.

“This is because it saves time, money and energy. Shooting these movies at the same time will help me minimize the number of cast that I will also be using. It will be a different storyline, but I can still make use of my cast, making me have access to them. That is because having them on set at the same time sometimes can be challenging.

“But what I don’t do is release them at the same time, I do it one after the other, with enough space for the other to breathe and have made it impact before another work goes to marketers.”

Presently, Edun is a fast-rising star in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood. She did not set out to be an actress but joined the industry in 2009 through her younger sister who happens to be a scriptwriter. Known as Eja Nla, she joined the House of Wisdom caucus and ‘graduated’ with her first movie also produced in the same year.

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