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Liverpool take decision on signing Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal

Liverpool are not interested in signing Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal.

The midfielder, 27, will leave the club at the end of the season, after a new contract offer was withdrawn.

It had been widely reported that both Manchester United and Liverpool were interested in signing him.

Sky Sports, however, insisted the Reds were not looking at the Welshman.

Speaking after the Gunners’ 1-0 away win over Sporting in the Europa League, Ramsey admitted he was resigned to leaving North London.
“Well, there is no contract on the table at the moment so there is nothing for me to consider or whatever.

“We all know that the contract was taken away off the table. I’m not sure exactly why because a few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign.

“Something happened, I am not sure exactly what, but that contract is no longer there, or nothing’s on the table.

“Hopefully, somebody will come up and tell me why. I’ll accept that if there’s a reason. At the moment, no, I haven’t. When the time is right, I probably will find out but that hasn’t happened yet.

“So I just have to get my head down, work hard and try and help this team as much as I can now. We’ll see where that takes me,” he said.

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