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LG G8 ThinQ New information

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LG G8 ThinQ New information on this top of the line Android
With the year 2018 coming to an end, it’s time to look at what 2019 holds. One of the Android range tops that we will see will certainly be the LG G8. A smartphone about which little has been said but we hope that such a change.

It is certain that LG is not in the best situation in its history. The South Korean company has been losing money consecutively, although it is beginning to see some signs of improvement for its mobile segment.

One of the company’s hopes for this recovery is in 5G. This will be one of the main technologies for the upcoming year. A new standard of connectivity that certainly very few will pass next.

LG G8 ThinQ will be one of the company’s most important Android smartphones
However, this new standard of connectivity looks like it will even go alongside the new LG G8. According to the latest information, South Korea’s new top-of-the-range Android will not feature 5G connectivity.

Still, it should be noted that LG is expected to present its smartphone with 5G as early as February in the MWC.

In addition, it is referred that this Android will come with a 3D camera. Nothing more was advanced on the subject, neither on its grounds nor its location. Still, the most credible possibility is its location on the back of the smartphone.

We have no idea when this LG G8 will be officially unveiled. Given the lack of information, it is likely that this will only happen by the middle of next year.

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