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Nigeria Ranked 4th In List Of Selected Countries With The Cheapest Data Plans

Normally when it comes to cheap data plans I always tell people that Nigeria is one of the countries with the cheapest data plans in the world and I haven’t been too far from the truth. Take a look at at this graph from Statista.

Nigeria ranks 4th in the list of selected countries with the cheapest data plans.

While a gigabyte of data would set Italian smartphone users back $1.73, the same amount would cost $2.22 in Nigeria, $2.99 in France, $6.66 in the United Kingdom and $6.96 in Germany. Costs are even higher in North America where they average $12.02 in Canada and $12.38 in the United States

Nigeria’s top 4G speed is placed between 9.5Mbps and 16.2Mbps, while Algeria’s slowest speed of 2.6Mbps is the worst in the world.

However here’s the plot twist, the country with the slowest 4G speed – Algeria’s top download speed of 16.4Mbps still beat the fastest speeds in Thailand (11.7Mbps), India (14.6Mbps) and Nigeria (16.2Mbps).

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