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Nani names 3 Man Utd players that h@ted him

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Nani has revealed how he thought Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes didn’t like him at Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed Nani from Sporting Lisbon in 2007.
Nani won four Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy while at United.

He left the club in 2015 after loan spell at Sporting CP until he signed for Fenerbahce on permanent deal.

A season in Turkey saw he moved to La Liga to join Valencia.

Nani also played for Lazio and returned to Sporting CP, playing one season each until he moved to MLS to join Orlando.

Speaking to UTD podcast about what it was like working with Ferguson, Nani said: ‘It was perfect. He’s a man who knows how to manage all the characters, different ages and personalities.

‘My personality at that time, I was young and it was not easy. I learned a lot and I changed a lot, because that is life. You must learn.

‘It was so important for me to have Giggs, Scholes and Rio Ferdinand. They were there every time to teach me and telling me things.

‘At the time, I didn’t understand what they were saying to me. I thought they didn’t like me.

‘Or they were mad at me because things didn’t go well. But they saw a lot of potential in me. They saw it in the training.

‘They believed a lot in me. After two or three years there I started to listen a lot more and tired to do [what they were telling me].

‘It’s one thing to listen and one thing to try to do what they say. I tried to do what they were saying to me.

‘Giggs taught me. We were playing in the same position. He said “Nani, you know when you get a defender who mark strong and always on you, you cannot turn because they will be ready to get the ball from you.

‘Wait a little and change, sometimes you stay inside and stay long. Take your time and you will be free”.

‘He taught me a lot of things and how to make runs in behind. I would listen and try to do.
‘Sometimes my style was not matching with what he was saying. I recognised that.

‘From his words, I see Scholes train a lot and Rio’s advice – and I trained one v one with Vidic a lot. He was breaking my ankles, just friendly training. He was!

‘He was hard and intense. I understand now, we were training. You hurt after the session and you feel the pain.

‘I learned a lot. Evra was one of the best friends I had in Manchester. Every time I needed it he was there and gave me advice.

‘He had me think positive and it was good. All players at Manchester United I had fantastic moments with.

‘The one thing I enjoyed most, what happened on the field stayed on the field. Outside life was another thing.

‘We as a team, this is private, we used to fight a lot in the training. We challenged hard. From out there, it was gone. That’s why we were champions, why we were the hardest team to beat.’

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