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Jesse Jagz’s baby mama confirms he’s a good father unlike other celebrity baby daddies

Contrary to popular belief that celebrity fathers poorly involve in the raising of their children, Jesse Jagz’s baby mama, Ruby Gyang vindicated the rapper in a recent interview where she revealed that he’s such a good father.

According to Ruby Gyang, the task of parenting hasn’t really been a tough one for her because of her baby daddy’s involvement in the raising of their daughter. The female singer was happy to share her motherhood experience with the public over the weekend, saying it has no particular formula. Speaking on her motherhood experience, she said;

“There is really no formula to it; I just do it. I take it one day at a time and I make sure that every day, I tackle whatever I need to. By God’s grace, I have been able to get by. It’s not like I have a manual that I consult every time before taking decisions. It could be tough at times but I always manage to pull through.”

“Jesse Jagz is very much involved in the life of our daughter; so, it’s not like I’m doing it alone. We have a balanced relationship and we bring up our daughter in a healthy way.”

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