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Pogba reveals tribute to late father on his shinpads after late winner

Paul Pogba was the match winner for France in Kazan after hitting a late strike to down Australia, and later revealed a very touching tribute.

The Manchester United man slipped his shinpads from his socks at the final whistle, quickly revealing a hidden picture and message.

The image was that of Pogba's late father Fassou Antoine, who passed away just over a year ago at the age of 79 following a battle with illness.

Paul Pogba revealed a touching tribute to his father on his shinpads after France's victory
The midfielder is playing in his first international tournament since his father's passing

Pogba is playing at his first tournament since his father's passing, and is keen to play in his honour out in Russia.

The image showed Pogba's father with one of his football medals around his neck, and was accompanied by a message in French.

It  translated, it read: 'O Lord do not chastise me for what they say forgive me for what they do not know and make me better than what they think of me.

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