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Ronaldo snubs ex coach, Carlos Queiroz

Iran football team coach, Carlos Queiroz has sensationally blasted former protégé Cristiano Ronaldo for a perceived snub in the wake of Iran’s 1-1 draw against Portugal.

The pair forged a close bond during their time together at Manchester United.

But things turned sour during Queiroz’s ill-fated reign as Portugal boss, culminating in a last-16 exit from the 2010 World Cup.

When asked by reporters about their poor display against Spain, Ronaldo sniped: “Ask Carlos.”

And the feud appeared to continue during Monday’s final Group B clash, with the Ballon d’Or holder failing to go over and shake hands with Queiroz at the final whistle.

This infuriated the Iran boss, who claimed that Portuguese football started long before Ronaldo was around.

Queiroz said: “I can’t understand someone who can’t be bothered to come over and greet a coach who spent 12 years working for the Portuguese football federation.

“During my time there, I won European and world titles, brought new ideas and restructured the team. “The history of the Portuguese football federation didn’t start on the island of Madeira with Cristiano Ronaldo. It started well before then.

“And those are not the values which I was taught by people like Jose Augusto, Simoes, Eusebio, Humberto Coelho… “I’m not saying that the values which modern day players have are bad, just that they are not the same as the values I and many other people hold.

“Some people who tried to destroy my personal life and professional career are now facing prison sentences, in jail or well on their way to ending up there.”

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