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Why I returned to Kannywood – Maryam Ceeter

Why I returned to Kannywood – Maryam Ceeter

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Weekend Magazine: What was growing up like?
Maryam Isa Abubakar: I grew up in an area where strict adherence to societal norms and values were highly preached.

Growing up for us was fun. As a teenager, I had looked up to my sister Mansura Isah as a role model even though I had no intention of becoming an actress then. It was later in life that I figured out that I was looking up to her not because she was an actress but because she is a loving sister who cares so much for all of us.

WM: Could you tell us why you left the industry when it was obvious you were making it big?

Maryam: It is true I left at a point when the industry had recognised my contribution towards its development. In fact I was at the verge of hitting the grade ‘A’ actress status. The reason I left was because I got married but as God would have it, the marriage didn’t work out. I took it as my fate and managed to move on with life.
Initially, I was destabilized to an extent of evading public gatherings but I later realized that it was not too late for me to return to the industry and continue from where I stopped. However, there was this belief that no female artiste returns to the industry after marriage and makes any relevance.
I was worried and apprehensive but I was not deterred. I resolved to give it a shot and ironically three months after I returned, I have starred in as many movies as I had featured in before my marriage.

WM: What is the secret of your successful return?

Maryam: Don’t ask me how I did it because I honestly do not know how it happened either. I believe it is the will of God and especially a sign that I wasn’t at fault in my failed marriage. This however doesn’t mean that those who couldn’t make it back were at fault in their failed marriages. This is just my personal view.
To cap it all, I would say it has been destined by God that I will leave and return better.

WM: How many movies have you starred in since you returned?

Maryam: I have featured in about 10 movies mostly produced by mega movie producing companies in Kannywood. Some of the movies are ‘Gidan Salim’, ‘Dakta Halima’, ‘cigaban Auren’ ‘Yar Fim’, ‘Kawaici’, ‘da dai saurans’ and presently I am working on other scripts.

WM: How has this recent stardom affected you?

Maryam: I don’t see myself different from the Maryam Ceeter that I used to be. I see myself equal to all the promising actresses in Kannywood. Ask around, I am not a proud person.

WM: Now that you are back, what is your target in the industry?
Maryam: I wouldn’t want to preempt my target. I believe it is still too early for that so it will remain my secret for now.

WM: What are your successes as an actress?

Maryam: To be candid, I have achieved a lot. Presently, I run a private company aside acting. I am into import and constructions; I am the CEO of ISNMOM Nigeria Limited. This is one of my success stories so far and my greatest joy is that I am now an entrepreneur. I have about seven staff.

WM: What is your advice to Kannywood female artistes?

Maryam: My advice is that they should take what they do seriously as a profession and not a hobby. Most importantly, there is need for them to diversify because securing roles in movies is not something that one does on a daily basis. It is apparent that with diversification an actress can sustain herself and others even when roles are not coming.
No doubt, acting is a profession that has come to stay but we should all bear in mind that we will not remain relevant for eternity therefore there is a need for us to engage in other legal activities that can fetch us more income or rather additional income.

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