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Gospel singer Frank Edward show off his multi millionaire studio

Gospel sensation, Frank Edward found himself before the judgment seat of fans after he took to his IG page to share a photo of the multi-million-naira music studio he just set up for himself, thanking God for a dream come true.

He gospel act revealed how much it had been his earnest
desire to set up a studio like that for himself. According to him, setting up a studio like that was a “mission impossible” for him some five years back. You would agree that some five years back, Frank Edward was already topping the chat of “richest gospel artistes” in Nigeria.

Be that as it was, he was still unable to set up a
multi-million-naira studio for himself. He had to put in another five years of hard work to be buoyant enough to set up his dream studio. Having succeeded in setting it up, he excitedly took to his IG page to share the news with his followers, thanking God for making his dream come true.

But fans seem to have seen things differently, as they saw
nothing but a show-off, saying that as a
Christian, Frank Edward isn’t supposed to show off stuff like that on the internet. Others opposed, and it’s been a
heated debate.

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