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Halloween Costume: Linda Ikeji Fires Back At Kemi Olunloyo

She Shared...

Madam Kemi Olunloyo's real stomach vs a moon bump. ���. Who knew our hanti had such a tummy? ����. She pushed her real tummy out to make it look big and passed it off as a moon bump ���. Like our beggi beggi hanti can actually afford a $400 moon bump ��� .
Besides no human being has the power or enough money, not even the president of the United States, to make a hospital like Emory University Hospital Midtown, tell such a colossal lie on their behalf. That would be the end of the institution. Any institution for that matter. For USA again? ���. .
So what you're saying basically is that Madam Linda connived with one of the worlds most respected hospitals to allow her into their facility, take photos in their labour room with a new born baby and their nurses, take photos and videos in their after birth postpartum room and share on social media with their co-operation? You can see that you're mad ����. We know our madam is a rich and powerful woman but even she is not that powerful ���. So try again. .
By the way Madam journalist, get ready in 5,4,3,21...You don finally buy market ����

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