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Man City bagged highest fees for players appearing at World Cup, made £3.9m

Manchester City have claimed the most of any Premier League side after FIFA dished out their fees for players appearing at the World Cup.

Arsenal also pulled in a fee of over a million — £1.73m — with Leicester on £1.7m.

After that, the likes of Southampton and West Ham pulled in over £800,000, Everton took £644,108 and Burnley received £490,539.

Crystal Palace and Huddersfield received over £400,000, while newly-promoted Wolves still had enough players in the squad to take £341,941.

Jordan Henderson was one of the Liverpool players who went deepest in the tournament

Watford received £324,264 as Brighton were given £259,079. Fulham earned £142,521 and Newcastle were the last Premier League side to make money, on £96,119.

On the other hand, Bournemouth and Cardiff did not receive a single penny from FIFA due to a lack of players at the competition.

Elsewhere in Europe, Spanish giants Real Madrid were handed £3.75m and Barcelona earned £3.2m from their players at the World Cup.

Eddie Howe's Bournemouth did not receive a single penny from FIFA due to a lack of players

Manchester City £3,906,635.92
Tottenham £3,424,382.93
Chelsea £2,994,608.78
Manchester United £2,854,849.32
Liverpool £2,018,502.21
Arsenal £1,732,354.39
Leicester £1,700,314.67
Southampton £872,806.10
West Ham £855,129.02
Everton £644,108.81

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