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Three Facts About Instagram This 2018

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Instagram was founded about eight years back in October 2010 by two friends named Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. It didn’t have much following in its early days, but sooner than later it caught eyes of young minds of the generation to upload pictures, share stories, and so much more.
Facts About Instagram in 2018
After the initial phase, it just grew very fast to become the second-best social media application after Facebook to leave behind Yahoo, Whatsapp, and others in the market.

As per official statement, the firm was said to be valued at $16 Billion before Facebook acquired them.

In this article, we will be taking you through 3 fun facts about Instagram that will amaze you and feel proud of using the application.

Facts About Instagram:

Here are the three features as follows:–
#1:    The first feature that we are going to talk about is the number of photos that have been shared on Instagram, and the number comes up to 40 billion pictures. If you’re an Instagram user, try using hashtags relevant to the picture and see the engagement increase by a min. of 10%. If you’re looking for more followers, then you can use Insta Follow Fast to grow your followers by purchasing them!
#2:    Second, cool the fact that we are going to talk about is that Instagram was sold for $1 billion to Facebook in 2013 and there are about 1 billion downloads on Play Store ( Both Android and iOS Play store). As per a report, 30% of internet users are on Instagram, and about 59% of them are youngsters between the age group of 18-29.  This is rated as the most astonishing fact by users all over the globe.
#3:  Third and the last cool fact but not the least is that Instagram is your main platform to become an influencer, and some people are being paid thousands of dollars for a brand integrated posts. One prime example of influencers is Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez ( most followed individual on Instagram), and many others. This is said to be one t of the reason on why Instagramis being used more and more than any other social media app except Facebook a sit provides a new source of income to people who are fanatic about uploading pictures.

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