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Glo Free Browsing For Month Of January

Hello everyone, i am happy to announce to you guys we were able to crack another Glo free browsing cheat.
Perhaps all you need to do to get your glo on the net 24/7 browsing unlimitedly.

But, you'll need some requirements before you proceed;


× Your Glo Sim
× A card of N100 or N200 is mostly preferred.
× Patience and follow the instructions according to the lay down protocol


× Firstly make sure you migrate to Glo jumbo tariff plan by dialing *224#.

NOTE: All new prepaid customers on the Glo network are already on the package by it is advisable to dial the code to be rest assured.

× After doing this, kindly subscribe to any Glo data plan ranging from their N50 plan for 50mb.

× After you've successfully subscribed to any of their daily data plan and also you have successfully migrated to Glo Jumbo traffic plan.

On your data and start browsing.

× Just continue browsing and don't ever download anything or stream with it. Just use your social media app or do normal browsing with it until your data plan is exhausted.

× Don't be afraid, and from you will notice that your data connection will be on even thou you don't have any data left.

To check if you have exhausted the data plan, kindly dial *127*0#

You will be told that

[you're browsing on flexi pay]

Now open your chrome browser or any other available browser and try to visit any site then if it went through.

Then I stand to congratulate you, you've unlocked your Glo sim for free unlimited Internet without data.

But if yours is not browsing after you've exhausted your data and your data connection is still up.

Don't be afraid, just switch off and remove your glo sim for a period of 1 hour or more and try again.

Then boom, you're ready to browse unlimited on the go.

From there you can download and stream whatever you want.

What's the Disadvantage Of this Glo Trick

Well the disadvantage of this trick is that, your data automatically off and on itself whenever you use 1mb-2mb but I think it is still better because some of my fellow friend were able to use 20Gb or more with this.

How to Stabilize Your Glo Network.

Many would think "How could this work since any time my data is exhausted the network is automatically turned off?"

Nevermind about that because you can do that by downloading the app Below or use the Glo APN Settings.

NOTE: You would be needing root to gain auto reconnect but you can also enjoy it without root but with the hep of the Apk inbuilt kept alive.

If u discover that your, GLO Magic Sim Free Browsing Unlimitedly With No VPN, is not working again, I think repeating the steps will be the best.

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