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Liverpool stars, Becker, Firmino and Fabinho and wives enjoy night out

Liverpool stars Alisson Becker, Roberto Firmino and Fabinho enjoyed an evening with their wives and a gospel star this week.

The Brazilian footballers were all pictured with their wives, alongside Brazilian gospel star Isaias Saad.

In the photo the footballers are all hugging their wives - Rebeca Tavares, Natalia Becker and Larissa Firmino - with Alisson putting a touching hand on his wife Natalia's baby bump.

Isais looks to have been visiting Liverpool this week and posted the photo to Instagram account - with a touching caption describing his week.

He said in Portuguese: "Going away with an extremely grateful heart! Impossible to put into words what we live in these last days.

"Something I have to say: GREAT things did the Lord, so we are happy! As I said at the beginning, I'm leaving with a grateful heart!

"Thank God for doing infinitely more than we ask or thoughts and thank you to each one in this picture!

"You have become part of me. I'm going but taking each one in my heart! Thank you for everything, I love you and I believe in what God has for everyone! God bless my friends."

Larissa Firmino in tears after Liverpool win

Natalia Becker and Larissa Firmino also posted the photo to their Instagram stories.

Larissa wrote under the photo: "Your voice was a gift from God in our lives."

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