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OFFICIAL: Barca are fined €300 by RFEF for the Griezmann transfer

Barca are fined €300 by Spanish Football Federation (RFEF)'s Competition Committee for the Griezmann transfer.

Spain's disciplinary committee have confirmed that FC Barcelona will be fined a sum of 300 euro for alleged irregularities surrounding the signing of Antoine Griezmann. The striker's former club Atlético Madrid maintain that the Catalan club were actively negotiating with the player at a point in time when his buyout clause was that of 200 million euro and not the reduced 120 million euro which eventually triggered his move.

The Catalan club escape the Camp Nou being closed for one game as was suggested by judge Juantxo Landaberea earlier this month.

As an alternative to closing the stadium the judge proposed fining FC Barcelona 300 euros for contravening articles 88 and 126 of the Spanish Football Federation's Disciplinary Code. The minuscule amount of the fine appears to be in line with the regulations, which only allow for financial penalties of an extremely small amount.

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