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I didn't crash Tonto Dikeh marriage with Mr Churchill - Rosy Meurer

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It looks like many don't seem to agree with Rosy Meurer on her decision to get married to Mr Churchill.

Actress Rosy Meurer has made a video explaining that she was not the reason the Marriage crashed of Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill. 

There are several unconfirmed rumours that Rosy was one of the reasons Tonto marriage crashed in 2017,while Rosy was the PA to Churchill.

"Hey guys

I just want to address something real quick , on a normal day I wouldn't come out to say anything but there are one or two facts I want to share with you.

Firstly I was never a personal assistant to Mr Churchill, he did have a personal assistant but her name wasn't Rosy Meurer.

Secondly I Rosy Meurer have never been friends with Mr Churchill's Ex's not to talk of being besties with any of them. I have never met any of them except one which was merely an acquaintance. Mr Churchill introduced my siblings and I to her as his family, and aside that day we had no personal relation, no connection that was the only day we were on the same space.

So movingly on, I said Mr Churchill was like a brother to me, but he is not my blood, my mom didn't give birth to him we don't share the same father, that statement "he is like a brother to me" means he is family.

Mr Churchill has always been there for my family and I, and it has always been that way. I mean was I ever attracted to him or looked at him in any other way? No, was he ever attracted to me? Who knows? that is something I have no control over. I was in a relationship, I was happy. It went sour due to the banter online when some accusations were made. I mean did I kill myself? No. I moved on, life goes on.

Mr Churchill's failed marriage has absolutely nothing to do with me. The same way you guy read and heard of that I was the reason for his broken marriage, was the same way I read and heard that I was the reason for his broken marriage. Before then I never knew the relationship I had with him before marriage was a problem after he got married. But I didn't get the memo, no one confronted me, I wasn't aware of any of such.

What ever happened in his marriage I have no knowledge about. I knew him why would I wait for him to get married then I want to play hide and seek, it doesn't make sense.

After Churchill's marriage things were still the same, he was there for my family and I, we went outing. I would invite my friends, both male and female he never had a problem with that. We had so much fun. When it was time to work, we worked. I'm not a lazy youth. I have goals aims and ambitions and achievements. Mr Churchill made that possible. He exposed me to a lot of opportunities and I'm forever grateful.
When it comes to work we worked. I followed him around because I was learning the process. It had nothing to do with intimacy, or because I like him, I did liked him but as a brother, family.

Mr Churchill's crisis and after his divorce.. I was still there, why would people's talking and accusations make me leave. Leave to where?. I never left or abandoned him. Obviously he was a different person not much fun as we used to know him. He was devastated, broken, frustrated. His mind was never there, gradually, days past months, years past. Life took it course and destiny happened.

 What I was accused of became a reality and my fate. What would be would be.
 You can't change it or force it. I'm not God. I let God's will happen in my life. I never forced myself on him. It just happened that from my big brother he became my life partner. I just want you guys to hear this. Every mallam with his kettle. One man's curse is another's man blessings ,life happens.

I know you all have opinions to that you are entitled to but it doesn't change me, or God's will in my life. They don't take away my glory I'm always going to be me. So remain positive your own blessings and happiness will locate you guys.
I love you guys regardless."

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